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Senses prides itself on creating the best bespoke web solutions for you and your business. We offer a service that delivers fresh digital ideas to help you grow and manage your business online.

We don't conform to the norm

We are not just a web design company - we can offer you a business optimisation experience, using innovative ideas and strategic software implementation. We produce designs through creative processes, to offer a truly innovative way of producing and maintaining your firms web existence.

In for the long haul

Senses is a tightly knit team with over 10 years of experience within the industry. Proving that our web systems are highly effective. Whether you need our team to boost the flow of organic traffic to your website or use our Teamleaf Technologies to manage your business' workflow. Just let us know about your project.

Meet the team

Our core team is special. This is why:

Ian Lawton

design director

Before co-finding Senses Web Solutions, Ian was head of digital design for a national ad agency.
He creates contemporary and intuitive designs creating visually stunning info graphics, web site layouts and – well anything that you can think of. With the aid of the coding team, Ian’s wonderful visuals are brought to life.

Matt Hiscock

technical director

Matt is a founding partner at Senses, and has a background in delivering high profile technical projects. He is also an experienced (Prince 2) project manager lead large IT / Development teams. With leading knowledge in coding languages and frameworks, Matt has the experience to ensure that even the most demanding projects are made on time and to the client’s expectations.

Rob Lees

coding guru

The guy that can bring everything to life! As long as there is a computer available, you can be sure that magic will happen. Since graduating from University he has been responsible for coding anything and everything, with the aid of his expert knowledge in computer languages.

Paige Hylton

social specialist

With a background in art and design, Paige uses her creative mindset to develop marketing and communication plans and content, across multiple social media spaces. Knowledge of current online trends and analytics helps to maintain and expand your businesses online social presence and goals.

Our digital skills

Explore our digital skill set and see how we can help you and your next project.

Web Design

Delivering a creative website which is specifically designed to boost your company to its full digital capabilities, is a key factor that we value and pursue. We know how crucial encompassing your company brand is. By using creative and successful applications, we can build a bespoke website that can fully address the needs of yourselves and your customers.

Business Critical Systems

Senses have developed a technology platforms (known as Teamleaf) which allows you to run and manage your business. Currently used by several multimillion companies it allows you work smarter, more efficiently, and deliver information in office, on site, and to your clients quicker. For more information on Teamleaf Technologies please see our supporting site, or contact us.

E-Commerce Systems

Our knowledge and ability to create e-commerce systems, can be highly effective for displaying a clear buying process and convenience of payment, over a dynamic website - perfect for those who require an online shopping service. Also opting for live customer service function will implant the idea of your company going the extra mile. Customers will value the additional support that we can help you give them.

Mobile & Responsive

Our creations are fully responsive, meaning that your website is guaranteed to tailor to the users interaction device, whether it is a computer, laptop, android iPhone or tablet. With over 50% of users not using a traditional computer - this is a fundamental 'must have' for all web creations

Digital Marketing

You are in good hands when relying on us to push your website into to the forefront of your industry. Third party display advertising and search engine services (SEO), provided by Senses can deliver an increased search engine visibility. Email marketing opportunities will help to advertise the various classifications of your business. From business offers, to social media platforms and the company webpage or site itself – your target market can finally be introduced.

Social Implementations

If your old website has become fairly redundant, or you feel as though your company is not receiving the spike of interest that it deserves- we can help. Social media integration through the use of Facebook and Twitter for example, provides a place of customer to business interaction and awareness.